Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion forward!

Well, it appears that the final weigh-in for THWACk! #3 went as planned today, and we have several winners. I'll let Eleanore announce the final results in her sum-it-all-up email, but I'll just say congratulations to you all for sticking with your diet/fitness plans and for doing so well. We're probably going to launch THWACk! #4 soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, many of you are still recovering from having your eyes peeled by me, in the famed Borat suit. I know it was traumatizing for many of you, and hope by now your sight has returned. Still, doesn't everyone want to have one "fashion-forward" friend? I'm telling you now, I can be that person for you.

Look, the last published THWACk! featured me, in this photograph, on August 10th.

This morning, I looked online at jezebel.com, one of my regular newsfeeds, and what did I see? This American Apparel advert....

Who was first? Point made. She clearly doesn't really "get it" as a fashion statement (the tights are hideous), but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say, so I'll be willing to help her out. I expect the phone to ring at any moment.

If any of you guys want my advice on finding fashionable clothing for your newly svelte bodies, do give me a buzz. I have so many great ideas, you can't begin to imagine. If you give me free rein -- perhaps we could go shopping at some of my favorite spots? -- I guarantee you will look unforgettable at your next soiree.

Ta ta for now, darlings!