Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend edition

Hello all --

Just a recap of the Eleanore Brainstorm Weight Loss Challenge with updates on a couple of new participants and a photo or two.

First, Eleanore in a fit of modesty is agitating to rename this programme the Tennis Hotties Weightloss Challenge, but I think we should reserve judgment on the "hotness" word until the 8-weeks is up, don't you? However, in the interests of economy, I am willing to abbreviate the name of our programme for now -- to Tennis Hotties Weightloss Andfitness Challenge, 'kay?

That's THWACk! for short.

Yes, yes, I know it's not quite right. So sue me. Actually don't. The stress might make me eat more.

Anyhoo, here are the participants and their goals. And whether they've paid or not, just so I can get it right ONCE regarding the Sharons.

SA 15 lbs, paid
DB 10 lbs
ED 15 lbs, paid
KH 15 lbs
SM 15 lbs
EM 10 lbs
DM ?? lbs
PS 10 lbs, paid
ER 15 lbs, paid
ST 8 lbs, paid
DW 8 lbs, paid
MW ??

Maybe we'll update this at the halfway point in later Feb so you can revel in your own progress, and buy peanut M&M's for your frenemies.

Dori and Matt, get with Eleanore and then email me your weight and goal (pounds to lose). Everything about your actual weight stays top secret. Once the figures are written down, they stay locked up in my desk on that little yellow sheet of paper, along with the total kitty that is now up to $300!! My memory is worthless, so your secrets are safe with me. Remind me at the end of all of this where I locked up the money and the list, okay? In my desk, in my desk. In my desk.

We are going to bend the rules a little for Matt and we won't make him buy lingerie with his winnings (IF he wins) unless he really wants to and it's for his wife.

Finally, a few last bits and pieces on other fitness opportunities.
  1. Patrice and I have swum at 2:15 pm two Saturdays in a row so far, and I'm looking to add in at least one or two other times per week, probably Mon, Weds, and/or Friday afternoons. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Patrice recommends HOT YOGA, 8-9:30am Saturdays. I was going to join her today, but almost forgot I had a hair appointment at 8am today with my HOT AND EXTREMELY RIPPED HAIRDRESSER, Felipe. How could I forget this, you ask? Easy. My bangs were falling in my eyes and I couldn't see a teleprompter any more. Anyway, I'm going to try Hot Yoga next week. Patrice says to get there a bit early, as it's usually crowded.
And finally, to make up for yesterdays quite disappointing "swimmer" photo, I give you this:

Here's a photo of me and my boyfriend Michael Phelps, after a swim. You can't really see much more of me than my arm, but that's not important. What is important to notice that both of my boyfriends, Marat and Michael, have tattoos. In fact, Michael also has "Ellie" inked on his backside, but his Speedo covers it up. I would hate for my husband to find out but fortunately M is pretty discreet.

And that's it! Enjoy your weekend,

x ellie

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