Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So close to the end of this crazy diet!

AWESOME, gang! I'd like to say it was my emails inspiring you, but I think really all the accolades go to Eleanore for thinking up the idea, and to each of you individually, for pulling through, and dropping the weight! Well done, all around!

A few more days, and we can reward ourselves. I know what's waiting for me....

Whoops, OMG! Wrong photo...!

I told Mr D no cameras are allowed upstairs in zee boudoir!!! Does he ever listen? Noooooo......

Oh, gadfry, wrong again!

This one is a whole 'nother story. Why I don't golf, in short. (Or in shorts.....)

There, yeah, maybe this photo is better, by a small margin. Enjoy, mes amies!

Keep at it with the small nibbles, girls, the end is in sight!

x e

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