Monday, March 15, 2010

Team photo, with water polo team "extras"

Hi gang --

Well, Eleanore's issued another one of her directives, and it's to "be there or be square" tomorrow on Court 11 for a group photo at high noon.

Be sure to wear your most flattering tennis outfit -- I'm going with black or dark brown again, and my usual sexy red lippy. Wear whatever makes you look and feel smashing.

Don't be like this poor fool below, showing up in street attire when you should be looking sporty and fitting in with the rest of the team, either!

See how angry his friends are? And the coach?

"Pleeese, kill me now!! I am so sorry to not fit in. I forgot my little checkered pants!"

Better to do like the Hungarian water polo team has done.

Look -- all the same uniform, with "Hungary" plastered across their butts. Though a little worrying, as they've stuffed their caps in the backs of their suits... aren't you hoping those little hats are disposable? Eeeeewwwww!

Ta ta for now.

xx e

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