Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're totally famous!!

OMG, people, we're totally famous now! Julie F did a nice write-up for Wheaton Sport Center's Sport Report... and there we are, all gorgeous on page 5.

If this were Britain, and we were on page 3 in the tabloids, we'd possibly have had to pose topless, so thank goodness for small mercies!

Of course we could have looked much worse in the photo. How about these two?

I think this last photo demonstrates quite clearly that you can lose too much weight. Let's be moderate, okay, guys? Also highlights the importance of having a competent publicist, like Julie F, rather than relying on some hack photographer at a 4th rate rag who'll just make you look emaciated and drawn.

Anyway, on to the dieting news. My trainer Emily F was emphasizing to me yesterday the importance of drinking lots of water. In fact, she took me by surprise when she turned to me and asked me point blank, "What do you drink the most?"

Well, heck, that's kind of personal, isn't it? I elected not to tell her about all the tequila from the night before, but mumbled something about orange juice and Perrier.

"Perrier? Sparkling water? Good grief, is that it?"

"Well," I said, "Eleanore's been encouraging me to drink Diet Coke. She brings a bottle for me for every match."

Emily's beautiful hazel eyes popped opened wide. "What? Eleanore's been encouraging you to drink pop? Diet pop? I need to have a little chat with that girl!"

Oh oh. I tried to back-track.

"Well, I don't drink much of it, really, but plain water is so ... unrefreshing."

Emily laughed. "Okay. Here's your assignment. Whatever you weigh in pounds, halve that. That's how many ounces of water you should be drinking a day."

My mind was spinning. One hundred fifty seven divided by 2. Long division, carry the one... Sheesh, where was a calculator?

"Round it up to 80 oz. That's about right." No leeway with Emily F. She's tough! "And if you drink lots of water, it really does help you lose weight. Seriously. Try it."

"But, Emily, I just want to emphasize, it wasn't only Eleanore influencing me regarding Diet Coke! Really! It's also television, and cultural influences, and all that kind of thing."

"Hmpfh!" sniffed Emily. "What could you possibly be talking about?"

Well, this, for example.

Or this...

Doesn't it make you want to run right out and buy a case or two of Diet Coke? I mean really!

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