Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Oh, I've been disappointed. Yes. Many, many times.

Hard to believe, isn't it? A woman of my beauty and sophistication? And yet it's true. I don't always get what I want.

The theme this week is disappointment. Some clever ones in our group didn't even weigh in today, knowing themselves too well, and knowing also that all those blinkin' Easter baskets full of candy, the spiral cut hams and sweet potato dishes, and the champers after the Vigil service, would hardly bode well for a good weigh-in result this week.

So well done, girls. It's good to know your weaknesses, and you yourselves know those weaknesses all too well. Chips and guacamole? Cadbury creme eggs? Jello shooters? It's not for me to judge, but I want to say to you all:


A few stumbles in the journey hardly mean that the journey is over. Far from it. It's important to keep calm and carry on.

At this point it's critical to buckle down and get serious. Swimsuit season is only weeks away.

Perhaps you need to be forcibly restrained from eating after 7pm.

I would do this more often, but Mr D travels quite a lot, and his knot skills are not so hot, as he's studied neither sailing nor Kinbaku/shibari. Besides, ropes chafe. I prefer silk scarves.

But we were really discussing disappointment. How have I been disappointed? (Not counting today, when I weighed in two pounds higher than last week...)

Oh, boy. I've got a tale for you.

You probably remember my story about Mikey, the Harley guy. After I sent him on his way, I got into bike racing in a pretty serious way. There's a lot more to it than you'd think -- racing is really competitive, and dangerous too. I bought a lot of leather, and wore out loads of boots and knee pads taking those tight turns.

Robert Downey Jr saw me in one of my televised races, and he approached me afterwards, saying he'd never seen a girl ride a bike with so much ... authority. I was flattered, but then you know those movie stars. They'd hit on anything standing on two legs.

We trained together for a while. I tried to teach him everything I knew, but he was a slow study, to be perfectly honest. I think he didn't really have a feel for the ride.

We worked hard and played hard. Here's a snap from one of the many studio events he took me to while he was still compos mentis.

But then three weeks after this photo was taken, he was off to rehab.

Disappointed? You bet. I waited for him for a while, but frankly, I had better and tastier fish to fry.

A girl doesn't have all day, you know.


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