Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flattery will get you everywhere. Maybe.

Oh, goodness, I was so thrilled when Glenn stopped me in the corridor this morning and asked if he could take my picture with his new iPhone. Obviously, my diet is going fabulously, and he wanted to document my progress (and maybe print out a copy of the glamorous image to tape to the inside of his locker!?!? My lips are sealed.)

He said he'd email it to me, and he did, with the caption "yummy yummy!" That's me, of course, one of those yummy mummys they're always going on about in the tabloids. I scare myself sometimes, I'm that stunning.

But as I opened the email I had an alarming thought. Hasn't Steve Jobs had to recall some iPhones because of problems? Antenna issues, or distortion, or something, I'm not sure.

Well sure enough, problems abound. Here's the first:

Holy cats! If this is the kind of product you can expect from Apple, well then I am simply appalled at the poor quality of the image. Crow's feet AND a goiter! What's up with that?

This diva is most dissatisfied.

Punishment will be forthcoming. Run and hide, boys, run and hide.


  1. Girl you look fantastic! Its been a long time since Westchester Pa, but you make it look like yesterday. I would love a reunion w/ you, Rachel,Brenda, Margaret and the rest of the gang!!!!!

  2. And you! Glam as always! We should make a plan to re-une somewhere on the east coast. I always loved your stories. Especially since you ALWAYS had something appropos ... "Oh, well, when I was a pilot/nurse/health inspector/bereavement counselor/prison guard/aesthetician/playboy bunny/..." You're my inspiration for storytelling, girlfriend!

  3. I almost spewed out my coffee !!! You need a warning on this page along the lines of "Please make sure you aren't mid-gulp when viewing 2nd photo...we will not be responsible to any damages to your laptop"