Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to keep your partner happy...

When I lived in England, I had this rather glam girlfriend named Zara. We played tennis together, and I did my best to ignore her terrible line calls because she was a stitch off-court.

She was a sloe-eyed brunette, slim, tawny-skinned, and vivacious. She identified herself as Persian (rather than Iranian), spoke with a sultry exotic accent, and was fond of purring useful advice over a double espresso after matches. The most memorable tidbit was this:

"To keep a man happy, all zat is needed is zees: one freshly pressed shirt and one hot meal per day. Anything more is at your discretion." I don't imagine that she ever did her own ironing or her own cooking, as I believe she had staff for that. Still, the simplicity of the concept was stunning.

Iron ing., originally uploaded by csheemoney.

Yet is it true?

Yes and no. I'm learning to love ironing, and cooking is growing on me as well.

DSC07881_resize, originally uploaded by k.a. gilbert.

Yet it's hard to cook diety-type dinners that still show the love. What are your secrets, ladies?

DSC08118, originally uploaded by k.a. gilbert.
And how can I avoid doing the dishes?

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Don't forget, only 5 1/2 weeks until the big day. Step up your iron regime girls -- whether you pump iron or push an iron, it can only help, however you look at it.



  1. I will never forget an interview on the tonight show back when Johnny Carson talked to Jerry hall after she married Mick Jagger. He asked her how she snagged Mick, and she answered "My mom always told me to get your man you have to cook for him, clean for him, and keep him happy in the bedroom. I figured I would just hire out the other two."

  2. Ha! Too bad he hired the third bit out for himself, eh?