Sunday, August 1, 2010

Standards, standards

Of course I know many of you are wondering, "Where does she get The Funny?" I know, I know. I am hilarious. But it takes hard work and close attention. It's not like I sit down to a big steaming bowl of crazy every morning. Lots more to it than that.

It helps if you spend time with people who are also hilarious (intentionally or not). Disregarding the unintentionally hilarious people who surround me, I'll highlight today two of the intentionally funny ones.

Here's my long-suffering husband, whose sense of humor borders on diabolical, especially now that he's got the devilish goatee to suit.

And the other important influence? A flatmate from my London days. You guessed it: it's another ex, Russell.

Russell Brand. I hope you know him. His brand of comedy is off-color, ridiculous, and non-stop. It helps that he's wretchedly good-looking too.

Though he's nearly twenty years younger than I am, age didn't stand in the way of our relationship. Plenty of young lads enjoy the company of older women -- we're wiser, kinder, and as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, ever so grateful.

To a degree.

Russell and I used to lark about in the flat in Ascot, trading jokes and eyeliner tips. Frankly, he's much better at lining his lower lids than I am. But then again, he doesn't have to wear reading glasses yet either, so there. We were fabulous friends as he became more and more famous, though his drug use and womanizing got up my nose a bit. Finally, though, I lost a lot of respect for him -- just about the time he went off to sex rehab, beating out Tiger by a couple of years. It wasn't all the cheating that got to me though, it was the lowering of his sartorial standards that really turned me off.

Take a peek.

To which I say, if you're appearing out in public in this kind of sloppy get-up when you're in your early thirties, what's to prevent you from going out like this when you're sixty? I mean really.

As the English like to say, "that's not on!"

Not on any of MY men, that's for sure.

P.S. Hope your dieting is going well. Feel free to weigh in if you like on Tuesdays. We only have 3 weeks left! Get cracking!

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