Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New hot totty in the line-up

Well, gang, I've nearly made good on my promise to get photos of some of the local gorgeous talent at the club. The handsome "K" has agreed as of this morning to give me a swimsuit pose or two for the blog -- I'll catch up with him after I'm back from my round-the-world tour. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, THWACk2 is winding down, and several of you are in hot pursuit of the $250 kitty. Sadly, I won't make my goal, but I'm figuring that my Asian diet of starfish,

P1010950, originally uploaded by yan ♥.

skewered scorpions

Unusual street food, originally uploaded by slack13.

silkworm larvae,

Silk Worm Larvae on a skewer, originally uploaded by diggydog.

deep fried chicken feet,

Deep-Fried Chicken Feet, originally uploaded by chooyutshing.

and hundred-year-old eggs

may kill my appetite forever. What do you guys want me to try? Name your poison and I'll try to oblige!

Meanwhile, happy dieting, and keep up the great work. We're ALL looking mahvelous, darlings!