Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm pretty flexible...

But not this flexible...

Chinese Acrobat, originally uploaded by Renee Silverman.

Not yet, anyway.

I was filling out all my visa applications for China, India, and Bali last night, and I realized that I hadn't even told some of you -- now that I've lost all this weight, I've been accepted to acrobat school! Yes, I'm off to Asia for 6 weeks, to train with the people responsible for making those Cirque du Soleil acrobats so bendy and fit. A few weeks in training and I should be able to do this,


contortionist, originally uploaded by Shreyans Bhansali.

or this,

contortion class, originally uploaded by smith.stina.

or this.

I guess having a positive attitude will be important, as usually they don't take people my age. Yet I'm moderately successful at most things, so I anticipate great results.

My husband is thrilled -- he loves to have me accompany him on his travels, and he can't wait to tell his friends that his wife is in the process of becoming a contortionist. They'll all be so envious!! First I become a certified Pilates instructor, and now an acrobat: how sexy is that?

Obviously, keeping my weight low will be ever so important if I'm to succeed in this latest endeavor, so you can be sure you'll still receive your THWACk! updates even whilst I'm in Asia. I promise I'll take lots of photos too.

Liz Z also pointed out that I should be extremely careful in my eating over there, because you don't always know what you're being served. I promise you I'll make sure I inquire, and if I get served any dog or cat I'll let you know how it tastes!


  1. Dog is pronounced "GO" and cat is pronounced "MAO"
    The thing that you wont expect is the starfish, unusual parts of a chicken, and the unbelievable lack of spices that is compensated with hot oils and peppers. Spicy is "LA" and not spicy is "BOO LA"

  2. Thanks for the tips, sweetheart! MAO LA! That's me!!!