Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're back!

Or rather, I'm back.

I know you missed me... right? Yeah, you did.

I was pretty thrilled to return and find that I still have a writing gig for THWACk! because NO ONE won the dosh from our last go 'round. So apparently, you all need more inspiration. Happily, I'm here to provide it.

My 'round the world tour was wonderful, and quite entertaining. I saw all the sights, logged more than 24,000 flight miles, and walked a couple skillion miles touring. People have asked me how I maintained my weight while on holiday, and all I can tell you is this:

and this:

and this:

Whoah, ellie! Did you eat all that stuff?

Yes, indeedy, I did, but I didn't always go back for seconds.

Except here:

Because I love to eat slimy things. Octopus? For realz. Kind of crunchy and pretty delish!

Anyhoodles, Asia was extremely enjoyable, and yet I'm so glad to be back here. Because even though I got to feast my eyes on some rather tasty world foods in China...

and India...

and ... oh wait... this is entirely wrong!

there's nothing like the Wheaton Sport Center and the ol' U S of A.

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