Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot, Hot, HOT!!!

While you girls have been sipping mint juleps by your country club pools, or relaxing at your lake houses, this intrepid journalist/blogger (with neither lake house nor country club membership) has been hard at work. Someone has to keep her nose to the grindstone!

I admit, I was a bit distracted by World Cup goings on.

However, we can attribute my investigations to a healthy interest in ...

excellent glutes here,

glorious abs here,

and lovely thighs (my personal weakness) here and here.

Do click on those links to waste an hour or two.

Come back after you've taken a "nap".

Right-ee-yo, are you back with us now?
Well, we can't all hanker after world cup athletes, so it makes sense to look a bit closer to home. Which means...
Wheaton Sport Centre, natch.

I took my camera to the club the other day, to take some photos to inspire you to greater heights (or lows) in your weight loss endeavours, and look what I've come up with: all these photos are entirely suitable for papering the inside of your gym locker.

Sweet legs...

Amazing abs...

Whoa, hang on, that was a "before" picture!

Excellent biceps...

Tasty calves and lustrous Asian hair ....

Glenn tells me (and I can confirm!) that his skin feels like a baby's. Smooth, silky... you don't even want to know; it's not for public consumption. In this photo, he's showing off his biceps and his new tattoo (obvs, it says "Ellie"). I told him I didn't want him marring his beautiful skin like that, but he wouldn't listen. Men!

Here's another one who wasn't listening. Immediately after I took this photo,

Kevin took out his earphones and said, "You have no idea what you're doing with that camera, do you?"

Harsh but true. Oh well. That's why I usually steal my photos from the interwebz. At least I write my own material.

But sadly, I still have no takers on posing in the Borat swimsuit. Girls, if you're interested I can assure you that it is a unisex suit. If you stand very very very still whilst wearing it, you can make it work. (Also, relax your glutes because the suit is really rubbish at hiding cellulite.) And of course, neon green doesn't work on everyone. That green doesn't go so well with my skin tone, but on the other hand, it did really made my blue eyes "pop". Come to think of it, my husband's brown eyes "popped" when he caught sight of me in the mirror.

I just told him I was doing research for the blog, and he nodded sagely and backed out of the room.

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