Friday, March 12, 2010

Building a lifetime of good habits

Hi gang --

Well, it's pretty clear that I've worked awfully hard on building a lifetime of BAD habits, but I'm slowing working them out, one bad habit at a time. Partying too hard? No longer, not when bed-time is at about 10:30pm. Mindless snacking? No way, not when I'm working so hard to keep that $325 out of Sharon T's hot little hands! It's looking good, at this point, that there will at least be a two or three or four way split of the kitty -- which signifies success all around. And Eleanore's update the other day, that our group has lost a total of 46 lbs -- well that's just simply astounding. You guys are incredible! Julie F's going to write us up in the club newsletter, apparently. Prepare yourselves for the inevitable photo-shoot and interviews. Fame can be challenging to deal with, as I know only too well, but I'm sure you'll enjoy joining me (if only for a moment) in the limelight.

The book group I'm in is reading "Younger Next Year" which is a super read about turning back the "aging clock" -- even at an advanced age like **cough, cough** fifty-two which is where I just pegged in (the horrified look on Eleanore's face was priceless!). Getting rid of bad habits, and developing new good habits, is the focus of the book. So, no smoking. No drunkenness. No promiscuity or cheating on your partner. All very obvious.

And then you're supposed to add in "healthy eating" and "really vigorous exercise, 6 days a week".

Did you hear that? SIX DAYS A WEEK.

We all know it's a challenge to get a foursome together for tennis some times, and doing it six days a week is probably close to impossible. But you don't have to rely on tennis for your workout, and the way some of us play some days, you definitely shouldn't count it as part of your cardio. That's what the gym is for, kids.

Or the pool.

I really get my heart rate up in the Pilates studio too. Here's an ex-boyfriend of mine from Jo'burg, Piet van der Merwe, doing a version of the Pilates "Teaser".

He's very much a tease, don't you think?

Seriously, an hour in the Pilates studio is a killer. Mat pilates, free for club members, meets mornings and evenings, and studio Pilates is on offer most days at scheduled times. I always feel completely tested after a session. And I do notice that I have a waist again, after 5 months of this. Most incredible abs workout ever.

This guy has probably been doing Pilates his whole life, and doesn't he look hot? I'm going down to Rio for the next year's Carnival, specifically to look him up. (Silvio, don't forget to text me your number so you can pick me up at the airport!)

Here's a photo of me from Carnival three years ago -- I'm the one in the front.

Obviously, because what kind of tart gets her belly button pierced? Not me, that's for sure!

On the other hand, if you swim in the pool (Patrice and I have been swimming 60-80 lengths at a session), you can also develop a reasonably nice lookin' bod. For example....

Obviously, today I'm really liking the color RED. We're all about heart-health here, so get in that gym, or that pool, or that cardio class, or pilates studio!

We've got about a week and a half to go until the final weigh in, so c'mon and pour it on!

As a personal reward for myself, a bunch of the gals have booked themselves into the spa, for manicures, pedicures, and so on. I myself have booked a massage, because I prefer to be naked when people are paying attention to me, but that's just me. You might be different.

Good luck in the final 10 days!

xx e


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